Wedding Wish Vases© by Voorhees Pottery
    A gift to be treasured, to receive your keepsake messages.
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Wedding Wish Vases©  suggestions about how to display them and opening instructions.
The two-sided stand up poem card included:
Wedding Wishes©
​A wish, a blessing, a poem, a thought;
Place your messages in this pot.
A year from now the notes we’ll read,
Celebrating this new life we lead.
With kind words you had to say,
We’ll remember well our wedding day.
To retrieve the notes on the first anniversary, the thinly trimmed bottom panel is perforated for easy removal with the tap of a wooden spoon.
Wedding Wish Vase©
Your Wedding Wish Vase© will bring you and your guests much enjoyment with a small amount of preparation. At the wedding reception consider placing the vase and poem card near the guest registry with small writing tablets and pens. Encourage your guests’ creative participation, knowing that they will help you will recall warm memories of your special wedding time. Consider setting up your vase at bridal showers and other pre-wedding gatherings as well.
Make a ceremony out of the vase opening on your first anniversary. We enjoyed our “opening” around a special meal reading the notes to each other. To open the vase invert it on a paperback book, then cover the bottom with a cloth to protect you from shards and tap the center with a wooden spoon. The bottom has been trimmed very thinly and is perforated; with luck only the bottom will drop out. Carefully use tweezers to remove the notes.
 The writings can go in a scrapbook and the vase will become a cherished keepsake for years to come. Enjoy, and many blessings! David
David Voorhees Pottery, NC ©1997

Instruction card enclosed:
Vases come gift boxed with a poem card, instructions and 3 note pads.